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Sugar Land’s City Facebook Page Lands Meta Award

(SUGAR LAND) - Meta recently selected the City of Sugar Land for its Facebook Favorite Award during the 2023 Government Social Media Conference.

Assistant Communications and Community Engagement Director Kayla Herrod and Content Strategist Glissette Santana-Rouleau.

Sugar Land’s social media team includes Assistant Communications and Community Engagement Director Kayla Herrod and Content Strategist Glissette Santana-Rouleau.

Carlin Daharsh, an external affairs manager on the U.S. Policy team at Meta, said Sugar Land’s social media team was selected for its impact and ability to bring people closer together. She said the agency expertly manages humor and professionalism on its page and is unafraid to embrace changing products, mediums and tools to connect with people.

“I couldn’t be more proud of Kayla and Glissette’s efforts to make government more accessible and transparent,” said Communications and Community Engagement Director Doug Adolph. “Most people in Sugar Land are probably familiar with their outstanding work but they may not know the people behind the platform. This award is just more proof that they are among the best in the business and make a difference every single day. Their creativity as professional communicators is evident through their successful efforts to grow the reach and engagement of our digital platforms, connect with our residents and deliver important information about city services and programs that improve the quality of life for our residents.”

Herrod and Santana-Rouleau are professional communicators who work collaboratively with employees throughout the city to highlight the efforts of Sugar Land’s work force and ensure the community has timely information about city services.

According to Meta: “Creativity has always been important in marketing communications. It’s the spark, the magic that stops people in their tracks and changes their attitudes and behaviors. Today, creativity is more essential than ever as a flood of content – from friends, the media, brands – competes for our attention. And yet, thanks to the rise of mobile devices, the opportunity to produce creative that is meaningful and relevant – that is more than just something that flashes past our eyes – has never been greater. The Facebook Awards celebrate the agencies and marketers who are pushing the boundaries of creativity and showing the world what can be achieved on this new, connected canvas.”

The City of Sugar Land did not apply for the Facebook Favorite Award. Meta selected the city on its own.


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