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Sugar Land PD Warning About Money Transfer App Scams

(SUGAR LAND) – The Sugar Land Police Department is warning residents about scams involving the money transfer services Zelle, Venmo and Cashapp.

Police say scammers have been using the payments apps in scams to steal the user’s money. According to police, the scammers will email, text or call the victim pretending to be with the victim’s bank’s fraud department. A common tactic used is telling victims that a thief was trying to steal their money through one of the apps, but that they can “fix the problem.” The scammers will then instruct the victim to send money to themselves, but the money actually goes to the scammer’s account.

“If you ever get one of these phone calls, text messages or emails, hang-up or ignore the email/text and call your bank directly,” said officials with SLPD. “Never send money to someone you don’t know, no matter what they say or claim to know about you.”


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