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Sugar Land Partners with Fort Bend County to Provide Veterinary Care

(SUGAR LAND) - Sugar Land City Council recently approved an agreement with Fort Bend County to provide surgical veterinary care to homeless and abandoned animals.

The partnership is intended to “leverage and coordinate regional resources, utilize a broader spectrum of expertise and better meet the needs of Sugar Land’s pet population.” 

Many facilities across the country utilize partnerships to ensure efficient use of resources and provide the best outcomes for animals.

“The city currently contracts with multiple veterinary establishments to provide medical care, including sterilization and other surgical procedures,” said Director Environmental and Neighborhood Services Dawn Steph. “We’ve been successful in hiring a full-time licensed veterinarian who allows us to expand the medical services provided in our facility, but we do not have the surgical facilities to provide sterilizations and emergency surgeries.”

The Fort Bend County animal shelter in Rosenberg has a surgical suite and veterinary technicians to operate the surgical suite, but they do not have a licensed veterinarian to perform the surgeries.

The agreement allows the utilization of the city-employed veterinarian to provide certain veterinary surgical services utilizing the surgical room at the Fort Bend County Animal Shelter. Sugar Land will transport city animals to and from the Fort Bend County animal shelter and provide a licensed veterinarian and veterinary technician, if needed. The county has agreed to provide the surgical room, support staff, supplies, drugs (controlled and uncontrolled) and all medications necessary to perform the surgeries.


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