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Sugar Land Civic Arts Unveils ‘Whose Leaf is Ever Green’ in Brazos River Park

(SUGAR LAND) - Artist Carol May, of May + Watkins, recently unveiled the second and third installations of the City of Sugar Land’s Civic Arts sculpture series, "Whose Leaf is Ever Green," in Brazos River Park. Inspired by the poetry of Emily Dickinson and drawing imagery from the oak trees of eastern Fort Bend County, these sculptures double as benches.

Named after an Emily Dickinson poem, "Whose Leaf is Ever Green" features two sculptures with silver-topped leaves, reflecting the sky above. The large bench, enveloped in shades of green on the inside, is accompanied by a translucent blue-green disk in either cast glass or 3form KODA XT.

According to May + Watkins: "We loosely based our forms on leaf imagery, abstracting the design to craft a comforting sculpture that shelters visitors from the elements and provides a place to rest. The bench is constructed with stainless steel and aluminum plate materials, ensuring durability and resistance to rust. Its surface is powder-coated with a UV barrier, protecting it from the sun."

Sugar Land Civic Arts Manager, Sha Davis, expressed her enthusiasm for the project, saying "The continuation of functional art installations around the City of Sugar Land serves as a way to push art into the everyday function of our incredible city. These incredible pieces are proving that not only can art enhance the natural beauty of Sugar Land but also serve a greater purpose."


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