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Sugar Land Civic Arts Division Unveils Bluebells and Lunaria in Oyster Creek Park

(SUGAR LAND) - The City of Sugar Land Civic Arts Division recently revealed the installation of two benches at Oyster Creek Park, created by Artist Richard Herzog.

The functional art series, now graced by "Blue Bells" and "Lunaria," stands as a “testament to the power of art to both serve a purpose and elevate the beauty of public spaces,” said city officials.

Inspired by the Bluebell (Hyacinthoides) plant, "Blue Bells" is the first in Herzog's collection.

Herzog, known for his dedication to environmental awareness through art, said, "As an artist, I do not have the answers; I feel my role is more like an activist. I do not create work with a political agenda nor have a politically motivated view. My role is to bring awareness to our environment and aspects of its beauty to the society in which we live, in hopes of heightening awareness of the natural world and its stewardship."

The second addition to the functional art series is "Lunaria," inspired by the dried Silver Dollar plant.

 Sugar Land's Civic Arts Manager, Sha Davis, expressed her enthusiasm for the new installations, saying, "Lunaria and Blue Bells are a testament to the ability that art has to not only be utilitarian but also to beautify. Oyster Creek Park was the ideal place to see this theory at work."

These new additions to the city's functional art series exemplify the commitment to enriching public spaces through the infusion of artistic expression, fostering a sense of community and appreciation for the natural world.

Herzog has created outdoor sculptures and installations professionally for more than 20 years. His works have been included in exhibitions throughout the U.S. and internationally in more than 100 group, solo and outdoor exhibitions.


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