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Sugar Land City Council Approves $4.9 Million Contract for Drainage Improvements

(SUGAR LAND) - Sugar Land City Council has approved a $4.9 million construction contract for drainage improvements in Covington West and Imperial Woods.

The project was part of four general obligation bond propositions totaling $90.76 million approved by Sugar Land voters on Nov. 5, 2019. The projects included in the propositions were selected based on planning through various master plans, City Council input and the results of resident satisfaction surveys that indicated drainage, public safety and traffic/mobility are the top three priorities for residents.

More than $47 million was approved for drainage improvements, including the Covington West and Imperial Woods project that is expected to begin in December and should be finished by the fall of 2024.

“This project is intended to increase our capacity to move stormwater and decrease street ponding within the Covington West and Imperial Woods neighborhoods,” said City Engineer Jessie Li. “Accomplishing this objective requires understanding the limitations and deficiencies of the existing drainage systems that serve the neighborhood and recommending improvements that are both functionally efficient and financially effective. Two previously completed drainage projects in Covington Woods will allow this project to reduce adverse impacts to the Covington Woods drainage ditch.”

City staff obtained a 30-year zero interest loan from the Texas Water Development Board for design and construction. Based on current interest rates, the loan could save taxpayers about $1.8 million.

The project generally includes a combination of storm sewers, small water lines, manholes, sanitary sewers and pavement reconstruction/pedestrian improvements (i.e., roadway reconstruction, sidewalks, wheelchair ramps, curbs, driveway reconstruction, removal/re-installation of street signs and pavement markings, removal/replacement of mailboxes and yard drain pipes) along:

  • Arcadia Drive between Michele Drive and Greenway Drive;

  • Greenway Drive between Arcadia Drive and Mason Road;

  • Mason Road between Greenway Drive and Oakwood Lane;

  • Oakwood Lane between Mason Road and Lynnwood Lane; and

  • Lynnwood Lane between Oakwood Lane.

The project also includes a drainage channel approximately 260 feet east of Oakwood Lane.

A public engagement meeting is planned for after Thanksgiving but prior to start of construction. There will be temporary lane closures. Notifications will be provided via the city's website, HOA notifications and social media. Visit for updates on capital improvement projects or to sign up for notifications about road closures and service interruptions caused by city construction and maintenance projects.


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