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Sugar Land Appoints Redistricting Committee, Solicits Public Input

(SUGAR LAND) - Sugar Land City Council recently appointed a Redistricting Advisory Committee to ensure the city’s single-member districts comply with Federal law.

The release of the 2020 U.S. Census triggered the need for a redistricting process. The U.S. Constitution requires that members of an elected body be drawn from districts of substantially equal population with a maximum deviation no greater than 10 percent between the most populated and least populated council member district.

Sugar Land’s citizen redistricting committee includes Chair Harvey Zinn, Bob Barbour, Chris Barnett, Sue Chiang, Himesh Gandhi, Jim Levermann, Sohail Momin, Mary Von Tungeln and Bridget Yeung.

City Council also approved Resolution No. 23-19 that established a framework to guide redistricting plans and assist City efforts to comply with all applicable Federal and state laws.

The redistricting committee’s first meeting is scheduled for June 20, at 4 p.m., at Sugar Land City Hall, 2700 Town Center Blvd. North. The public is encouraged to attend. Public hearings will be held during the redistricting process to receive public comments on the proposed redistricting plans; meeting dates and times will be published on the city website.

The public is invited to comment on redistricting plans and/or submit other redistricting plans for City Council consideration. Redistricting plans submitted must meet the established criteria and guidelines.

For copies of Resolution No. 23-19 or other comments, questions or requests, contact Meredith Riede at or (281) 275-2715.


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