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Stafford to Begin Recycling Services in February

(STAFFORD) - Beginning Feb. 1 and 2 the City of Stafford will begin recycling collection services provided by the current waste collection services provider, GFL Environmental. New 18-gallon bins will be delivered to Stafford residents during the week of Jan. 22 – 26.

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Beginning the week of Feb. 2nd, one time per week, recycling collection will begin on either Thursday or Friday, based upon each resident’s second waste collection day of each week.

Attached to the bins, residents will find information about the new recycling program including the weekly service day for recycling as well as recycling program information.

Monday and Thursday trash pick-up days will now include recycling pick-up on Thursdays, using the new bins. Tuesday and Friday trash pick-up days will now include recycling pick-up on Fridays, using the new bins.

Residents will continue to receive monthly utility bills just as you have in the past with no changes in how the utility bill is delivered each month. Payments will continue as normal, with no changes to how your monthly utility bill payments are made.

For questions or concerns regarding recycling bin delivery, contact GFL Environmental at 281-368-8397 or Residents can also visit our Residential Solid Waste page for updates during and after the service transition; collection day information; and guidelines for recycling collection services.



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