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Rosenberg Works to Create New Five-Year Strategic Plan for the City

(ROSENBERG) - For the past several months, Rosenberg city staff members have been working on developing a new five-year strategic plan for the city. The new strategic plan will replace the one that was completed in 2014 and updated annually.

Strategic planning provides city council the opportunity to define Rosenberg’s direction for the future and set goals and strategies to guide future councils and city management. Part of the plan overhaul was outlining and developing a new Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Goals and Core Values that the city will work towards achieving over the next five years.

“Strategic planning is one of the most critical activities that the city engages in since it lays out a roadmap to guide the city from vision to reality,” said city officials. “Ultimately, the new Strategic Plan will ensure that city Council and staff work together towards shared goals that make Rosenberg a safe, livable and vibrant community.”

At the Jan. 24, 2023 City Council Workshop, city staff first reviewed with council the need to update the plan and the effort required to undertake the significant project. Since then, multiple meetings have been held with key city leadership staff, the city’s consultant, Opportunity Strategies, LLC, and most recently, a City Council Workshop Meeting on Nov. 2 to review and establish strategic priorities with council. Mayor Raines, city council members Susan Euton, Alicia Casias and Marc Morales were in attendance. Council members Keith Parker, Hector Trevino and George Zepeda did not attend.

The new Strategic Plan is set to be presented to council at the Dec. 19 city council meeting for formal adoption.

For more information regarding the plan and its initiatives, contact Citizens Relations at 832-595-3301 or email


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