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Rosenberg Wins $75,000 Niagara Perk Your Park Grant Contest

(ROSENBERG) – Rosenberg’s Seabourne Creek Nature Park has been selected as one of three winning projects in the 2022 Niagara Perk Your Park Contest from Niagara Water, through its charitable program, Niagara Cares, and in partnership with National Recreation and Park Association.

As one of the three winning park projects, Seabourne Creek Nature Park, located at 3831 Highway 36 S, will receive a renovation worth $75,000.

“We hope to create an arboretum that will transform six acres of open space into a home for native trees, new crushed granite pathways, new green space, and picnic tables nestled under the tree canopies,” said Executive Director of Community Development Travis Tanner. “This will provide kids and adults a connection to nature through education and experience.”

“I am very excited that Rosenberg was selected for this generous grant through the National Recreation and Park Association and Niagara Water,” said City Manager John Maresh. “I know the city, especially our Communications and Events Manager Kaylee Manville, the Parks Department, the Texas Master Naturalists, and the Community came together to spread the word for our park. The hard work, voting daily, and collaboration paid off. I’m excited to see the improvements to the park and look forward to enjoying the new additions.”


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