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Rosenberg Voters Say Yes to Bond Propositions and Charter Amendments

(ROSENBERG) -The unofficial results from the Tuesday, Nov. 7 Election show Rosenberg voters saying yes to 51 charter amendments and two bond propositions totaling $51.5 million.

The bonds include funding for two new facilities.

The Emergency Services Complex (Proposition A) includes $18,500,000 for emergency services-related infrastructure, including Fire Station No. 4, an emergency operations center, and Fire Department administration offices. The Emergency Services Complex’s proposed location is Highway 36 at Fairgrounds Road.

The Public Works Complex (Proposition B) included $33,000,000 for a Public Services Complex to consolidate Public Services departments, provide office space, adequately shelter large equipment, and centralize city services. This consolidated public services complex will include offices for Public Works, Utilities, Parks, Fleet Maintenance, Building Maintenance, Engineering, Capital Projects and a Fleet Fueling Station. The Public Works Complex’s proposed location is on Airport Avenue next to the current Parks and Recreation facility.

The special election for charter amendments included 51 propositions on the ballot to amend the charter. The amendments allow the city to modernize the charter, replace sections superseded by state law and remove portions that have become redundant or obsolete.

“We knew the climate going into this bond and charter election and are so thankful that Rosenberg voters saw the need for the facilities and amendments,” City Manager John Maresh said. “As we move into a new era of progress and positive change led by strategic planning, these charter amendments and bond projects will help bring Rosenberg to a place where we can continue to provide the level of service and quality of life our residents and visitors to the city have come to expect.”

The election results are unofficial until votes are canvassed at the Tuesday, Nov. 14 City Council Meeting.


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