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Rosenberg Fire Department Maintains ISO 2/2Y Rating

(ROSENBERG) - The Rosenberg Fire Department recently completed a re-evaluation with the Insurance Services Office in order to survey and update the fire protection classification for the City of Rosenberg and has maintained its ISO class rating of 2/2Y.

An ISO rating plays a crucial role in evaluating and rating fire departments and their communities and provides a standardized benchmark for fire departments to plan and allocate resources. Insurance companies rely heavily on ISO ratings to set premiums for residential, commercial, and industrial properties and a rating of 2 can benefit Rosenberg residents with insurance premium rates.

The resulting ratings range from 1 to 10, with 1 being the highest and 10 indicating that the fire department falls below the ISO’s minimum requirements. The ISO assessment encompasses various factors, including the quality of the local fire department, water supply availability, emergency communication systems, and community risk reduction efforts for fire prevention and safety courses. The first number represents the rating for areas inside the city limits and the second number and letter rating represents our service to areas outside of the city limits or Extra Territorial Jurisdiction.

“Rosenberg Fire Department is proud that the fire protection services we provide are once again recognized with a Class 2 rating,” said Fire Chief Daryl Maretka. “This rating reflects our commitment to keeping our residents and surrounding ETJ safe.”

For more information about the Rosenberg Fire Department, contact Citizens Relations at 832-595-3301 or visit the website at


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