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Richmond's Commission Holds Comprehensive Master Plan Update Kick-Off Meeting

(RICHMOND) - The Richmond City Commission and the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission heard an overview presentation this week from Kendig Keast President Gary Mitchell as a start to the process of updating the city’s Comprehensive Master Plan.

An interactive session with City Commission members and P & Z Commissioners invited them to look back over the last 10 years and to look ahead at the opportunities and challenges they see for Richmond’s growth. An update to the Comprehensive Master Plan, which includes feedback from residents in the community, is “critical to ensure the plan continues to be relevant for the vision of the Richmond community,” said city officials.

Richmond’s Comprehensive Master Plan was adopted in July 2014 as a tool to guide the city’s future growth and planning efforts. The Comprehensive Master Plan calls for periodic reviews to update the base conditions of the plan, such as changing demographic or socio- economic trends, land use and development, housing needs, infrastructure, and community image and appearance. An essential component of the update to the Master Plan is input and feedback from residents in the community.

The city intends to engage the community through various outreach activities such as small group listening sessions or a Town Hall meeting to secure input from various stakeholders, such as business owners, residents, local organizations, and the community’s public and private leadership. Refreshing the city’s current Comprehensive Master Plan also allows for highlighting major accomplishments, confirming the City Commission goals and other city initiatives and capital project priorities.


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