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Richmond, Rosenberg Not Affected by Boil Water Notice from Brazosport Water Authority

(FORT BEND COUNTY) – The cities of Richmond and Rosenberg are not affected by the Boil Water Notice issued this evening, Jan. 9, from the Brazosport Water Authority. The notice was issued due to pipe separation of Brazosport Water Authority’s High Service Discharge Manifold resulting in low distribution water pressures.

“A boil water notice was issued from the Brazosport Water Authority (BWA), and we have received several questions,” said officials with the Richmond Police Department. “Please rest assured this boil notice does not affect the City of Richmond. If you pay your utility bill to the City of Richmond, your water is safe.”

“The city has been made aware that Brazosport Water Authority (BWA) will be issuing a boil water notice,” said Rosenberg officials. “Although the city does receive water from BWA, the boil water notice does not affect Rosenberg. The city was provided ample time to shut off and isolate the water coming to the city from BWA and turned on our groundwater plants. The city is strictly utilizing groundwater from city water wells to provide water to our citizens.”


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