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Richmond Commission Adopts Text Amendments to UDC for Downtown Parking Requirements

(RICHMOND) - The City of Richmond’s Commission has approved recommendations from city staff based on feedback from the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Commission regarding amendments to the Unified Development Code addressing parking requirements in the Downtown District.

The city’s UDC is continually evaluated and undergoing modifications. The parking regulations adopted in the current UDC render certain structures unable to conform to the UDC without significant costs. Enacting modified parking requirements in the Downtown District is intended to address this as well as reduce barriers to infill the vacant lots and buildings. In cities across the country that are modifying off-street parking, reducing minimum parking requirements has been found to reduce barriers to small business growth and promote downtown and commercial development.

Richmond City Commission has adopted text amendments to the UDC to enhance parking requirements summarized as:

  • Reduction of parking when on-street parking is within 600 feet of the site location.

  • Reduction of parking where a public parking space/lot is within 600 feet of the site location.

In addition to the modified parking requirements, the city will repave and stripe the 100 block of Morton Street, east of 2nd Street to the river, providing more than 18 additional parking spaces, an increase from the 12 parking spaces currently provided in overflow parking in Richmond’s Downtown District. This completes Phase I of Richmond’s Downtown district parking enhancements.


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