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Richmond City Commission Approves WaterWise Program

(RICHMOND) - Richmond City Commission has approved the Interlocal agreement for the 2023-24 WaterWise program, a component of the Water Conservation Education Program through the Fort Bend Subsidence District.

The city has had partnership with FBSD for more than 25 years, sponsoring water education kits educating about water conservation through Lamar Consolidated Independent School District and area schools 4th and 5th grade classrooms, known as the Waterwise program, which contributes to Richmond’s water management strategy.

City officials say this program has demonstrated an effective way to reduce water demand in households and businesses. The city is again sponsoring 1052 kits at $38.00 per student. Sponsoring 1052 kits at a cost of $40,000 translates to 84 million gallons of groundwater credits which can assist in the next FBSD 60 percent reduction in groundwater use mandate by 2027.


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