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‘Neighborhood Services’ Division Launches in Missouri City

(MISSOURI CITY) — Missouri City has created a new division dedicated to addressing the needs of its residents. It is called Neighborhood Services, encompassing the office of Animal Services, Code Enforcement, Health Inspection, and the Municipal Solid Waste Program. According to Walter Gant, its recently appointed director, the division was designed to create an efficient and proactive solution for Missouri City residents.

“Having the four functions under the same umbrella allows us to offer our residents a more streamlined range of service. Working together has opened the lines of communication, allowing us to share best practices and increase the effectiveness of our operation,” said Gant.

In this newly created division, the residents of Missouri City can report a lost pet or a code violation and request the health inspection of a public establishment such as a restaurant, a grocery store, or even a daycare center. Additionally, issues related to trash pick-up can also be reported here.

With a career in public service that spans more than three decades, Gant has occupied various capacities in city government in Texas. Before coming to Missouri City, Gant held leadership positions in community development, human resources, police, engineering, and finance in Pasadena. Immediately before his arrival in Missouri City, Gant served as city administrator and police chief for the City of Kemah.

The factor that motivated Gant to come to Missouri City was the evolution he sees happening throughout the city.

“Missouri City is at the epicenter of growth in Fort Bend County. From infrastructure to economic development, it is no surprise that the city has become a preferred destination for families and businesses. I wanted to be part of this transformation,” said Grant.

To learn more about Neighborhood Services visit


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