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Missouri City Provides Construction Update on FM 1092

(MISSOURI CITY) – Missouri City has provided an update on ongoing construction on FM 1092.

According to city officials, the contractor has re-surfaced the majority of the “inside lanes” along FM 1092. They plan on paving the rest of the north bound inside lane from Fifth Street to US 90A and then turn around and go south bound outside lane from US 90A towards Cartwright Road today, Dec. 5, or this week.

Officials say the contractor is ahead of schedule at this point and expects to complete the majority of paving work by the end of next week, contingent to weather conditions.

The contractor is also to address temporary striping, especially at FM 1092 and Cartwright Road to address any potential safety issues.

Lane closures on FM 1092 to facilitate construction will be coordinated and notified in advance to the extent possible, according to representatives of Missouri City.


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