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Missouri City Hosts Animal Shelter Open House Highlighting Renovations

(MISSOURI CITY) – Missouri City officials, supporters, and volunteers of the Animal Services Division at Missouri City gathered recently to participate in an open house event where several enhancements were unveiled. Missouri City Mayor Robin L. Elackatt recognized the “unwavering commitment of community members to make these changes a reality.”

"This is a milestone for Missouri City," said Elackatt. "Since I can remember, the Missouri City Council members have been supporting this cause. I want to recognize the staff and the volunteers."

Inside the building, the renovations included new paint and furniture for the lobby, a new washer and dryer, soundproofing of the interior walls, and the installation of new lab cabinets. On the outside, double gates were installed, the front façade received a fresh coat of paint, and the backyard underwent further landscaping improvements.

Mayor Pro Tem and District D Council Member Floyd Emery acknowledged the need for these improvements and appreciated the patience of the staff and volunteers who made the initial request.

"These renovations had to be done," said Emery. "Through perseverance, we made it happen. I say 'we' because these renovations were the product of a collective effort. All of us contributed to the improvements. We were glad we were able to do so."

The Missouri City Animal Services Division offers a comprehensive pet adoption program in which the animals come fully vaccinated and microchipped. Anyone interested in adopting a pet needs to go through a 48-hour waiting period while a background check is performed. The division also conducts investigations in cases of alleged animal cruelty and abandonment.

If you are interested in adopting a pet or becoming a volunteer at the Missouri City Animal Services Division, visit:


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