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Missouri City Earmarks $5.5M for Street/Sidewalk Repair

(MISSOURI CITY) –At the December 4 City Council meeting, Council Members in Missouri City voted to authorize City Manager Angel L. Jones to execute a contract with Brooks Concrete, Inc., for up to $5.5 million worth of repairs to sidewalks and streets throughout the city.

The Public Works Department has allocated approximately $4 million for streets and $1.5 million for sidewalks. The street repairs have been determined based upon those needing panel replacement, asphalt overlay and street lifting. The locations for sidewalk repairs were prioritized based upon trip hazards, safety, ponding, Americans with Disabilities Act requirements and proximity to schools.

Council Members Monica Riley and Sonya Brown-Marshall requested that there be an educational campaign to let residents know what type of work would be done and the schedule for repairs. They also emphasized the importance of appropriate signage warning walkers of potential tripping hazards, especially older adults.

Joi Johnson, Assistant Director of Public Works, assured the council members that their concerns would be addressed.  

"There will be traffic control signage,” said Johnson, “and we will give prior notice on our website. We will also contact the residents directly that could be impacted."

Mayor Robin Elackatt reiterated that getting the word out is crucial for the well-being of the residents.

"We have to do a better job of letting our citizens know,” said Elackatt. “We have to find a way to manage this with proper communication.”

Council Member Floyd Emery asked whether the current budget reflected any repairs needed in the recently annexed Sienna Municipal Utility District No. 2.

"We have a contractor now that is assessing streets and sidewalks,” said City Manager Jones. “Once we get that data back, those will be plugged in based on the severity of the deterioration of those streets and sidewalks.”

The sidewalk repair project will be funded by the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, as well as the Missouri City Capital Improvement Program. Funding for the street repairs will come from METRO ($2 million) and the General Fund ($2 million).

This authorization will also allow for the repairs of sidewalks in five parks: Bicentennial Park, East Hampton Parkland, American Legion Park, Community Park, and Ridgeview Park. Brooks Concrete, Inc., has committed six crews to complete the project within a year, which is scheduled to begin in January 2024.



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