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Missouri City Council Votes to Increase Municipal Salaries

(MISSOURI CITY) – Missouri City council has approved by a 7-0 vote an ordinance providing salary increases outlined in the city manager’s recommendations based on the recently completed compensation study. The ordinance will move forward with a second and final reading at a May 5 special meeting. Once approved, the new pay plan will be effective on May 7.

After completing the study, the results showed that the majority of Missouri City employees’ salaries were at or near the bottom of the cities surveyed.

“I would like to thank the hard work of our Financial Services, Human Resources and Legal Department for their dedication and resourcefulness in conducting and analyzing this study. Their effort has paid off and thanks to the results, we will become more successful in our efforts to retain and recruit the best and the brightest by providing competitive salaries and benefits. Our most treasured assets are our employees and I am honored to be a part of a Missouri City team led by elected officials who are committed to competitive wages,” said City Manager Angel L. Jones.

The study was conducted in two main phases. Phase one included non-civil service employees, a segment comprising employees who perform administrative duties in the city. Phase two included civil service employees, comprised of sworn firefighters and police officers. Each phase consisted of a survey and analysis of salaries from various municipalities to determine market. The data obtained allowed city officials to identify possible options to increase employee wages to the maximum amount existing city resources would allow.

Over the past two years, Missouri City has provided raises amounting to a 10 percent increase to all civil service employees, which includes police officers and firefighters. The first increase took place in 2021, followed by increases in 2022 for a total of 10 percent. Even with those increases, market conditions created a strain on Missouri City’s ability to remain competitive. City officials allocated $2.4 million for FY 2023 in anticipation of implementing the salary study.

Telecommunications officers (dispatchers) were also given a flat $8,466 salary increase during FY 2022 for retention along with a starting salary increase—making Missouri City dispatchers one of the highest paid in the region.

"Missouri City is not just a place where individuals live. It is a city where families reside, grow, and thrive. Our citizens deserve the best public services our municipality can offer.,” said Mayor Robin Elackatt. “To provide the best public service, we have to show the people who provide those services--our employees--that they are valued. The implementation of the compensation study has positioned the city to retain top-notch talent and hire the most qualified professionals for the various positions to make Missouri City one of the best in the nation."


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