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Law Enforcement Holding Mock Full-Scale Emergency Simulation at Tompkins High School

(KATY ISD) - This morning, June 7, Katy ISD, in conjunction with Fort Bend County Homeland Security and Emergency Management, local EMS, fire and law enforcement agencies, is holding a mock, full-scale exercise, to simulate an emergency incident at the Tompkins High School complex.

The goal of this exercise is to test local agencies and the district’s emergency response plans, as well as rehearse response operations for all participating entities.

Should residents see road closures, or emergency response vehicles or aircraft, en route to Tompkins High School, there is no need to be alarmed or to contact the campus.

To create an exercise that appears and feels as realistic as possible, residents may hear special audio effects that sound like a weapon being discharged. Additionally, there will be a number of volunteers acting out various roles on site. Volunteer actors may be seen in trauma makeup or situated near fake bodily fluids such as imitation blood. All volunteers will have received training and trauma support services prior to the event, and those services will also be available to volunteers and other onsite personnel during and after the exercise.

If you have any questions about this emergency response exercise, contact Katy ISD’s Office of Emergency Management at (281) 237-9176.


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