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Joint Workshop on Sugar Land’s Mixed-Use Code Updates Set for July 19

(SUGAR LAND) - Sugar Land City Council and the Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a joint workshop to discuss recommended updates to a draft mixed-use zoning code and review community feedback. No action will be taken during the meeting, which is scheduled for July 19, at 6 p.m., at Sugar Land City Hall, 2700 Town Center Blvd. North.

Council members and commissioners are expected to discuss outstanding concerns and develop consensus on the next steps in the process, which will include additional opportunities for public input.

Sugar Land City Council has identified redevelopment as its top priority, underscoring its significance in shaping Sugar Land's future. The creation of two new mixed-use standard zoning districts is a step outlined in the city’s 2018 Land Use Plan, which identifies the development of activity centers that cater to the needs of present and future generations. The Land Use Plan was the result of a five-year resident-led process that included extensive community input and exemplified the city’s commitment to incorporate the expectations of the community into the decision-making process.

The city's zoning code currently includes 17 zoning districts that are part of the Development Code, a document adopted by the City Council. Traditional zoning practices tend to separate residential, commercial and industrial uses. This approach would introduce two new mixed-use districts to the city’s zoning code, creating development standards intended to foster a mix of residential and commercial spaces and encourage the development of walkable compact places in key locations throughout the city. The proposal currently being considered is one of the first mixed-use codes in Fort Bend County.

Like the city’s current zoning districts, these mixed-use zoning districts will establish standardized guidelines, setting expectations and rules for development from the outset.

“We are excited to embark on this transformative journey toward sustainable and vibrant communities,” said Assistant Director of Planning and Development Lauren Fehr. “This workshop meeting represents another significant step in our ongoing commitment to fulfilling the promises outlined by our residents in the 2018 Land Use Plan.”

An updated draft of the code is available for review at To learn more about redevelopment, visit


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