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Hwy. 90A Road Construction Project Delayed as TxDOT Plans to Rebid Contract

(ROSENBERG) – Rosenberg city officials were recently informed that the Highway 90A Road Construction Project will again be delayed due to the Texas Department of Transportation’s decision to rebid the contract.

The Highway 90A road construction is a TxDOT project comprised of replacing the railroad underpass and installation of underground storm sewer for drainage. One of the main factors that significantly delayed construction was lack of approved permits from the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad, according to city officials.

“We know this is frustrating,” said city officials. “Even though this is not a city project, rest assured the city is making this a priority by staying in close contact with TxDOT as the project continues.”

City officials said they asked TxDOT to remove the current barriers and return the lanes to the full pavement width they were before construction started while TxDOT goes through the process to hire a new contractor but were told it is not an option.

“From TxDOT’s perspective, the additional delay to go through the processes of moving barricades is relatively short and TxDOT does not believe it would be in the traveling public’s best interest to change the traffic control plans back and forth until necessary for construction-related purposes,” said city officials.

Drivers who typically travel Highway 90A between Richmond and Rosenberg and would like to avoid this intersection during construction, officials suggest using Avenue I to FM 762 or Highway 59 to FM 762.


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