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Fort Bend Residents Approve County’s Largest Ever Combined Bond Proposals

(FORT BEND COUNTY) – Unofficial Nov. 7 election results show that Fort Bend County voters have approved two bond proposals totaling $865.6 million for mobility and parks. Combined, these proposals are the county’s largest in history, with the mobility bond at $712.6 million, and the parks bond at $153 million.

Results show Proposition A passing with 64 percent of the votes and Proposition B passing with 52 percent.

According to county officials, “The new funding would allow the county to execute large-scale upgrades and enhancements to its parks. These include new playgrounds, walking and exercise trails, outdoor fitness equipment, athletic spaces, increased lighting, shade structures, renovated restrooms, community center improvements and ADA accessibility improvements.

“Additionally, Mobility Bonds will improve transportation infrastructure through road expansions, pedestrian facilities, and traffic management, accommodating the county's growth and mobility needs.”

For a list of mobility projects included in Proposition A, click here.

For a list of parks projects included in Proposition B, click here.

The Taxpayers Coalition, which earlier this year asked Commissioner’s Court to hold town hall meetings to ensure transparency concerning the bonds, released a statement saying the passage of the bonds is “a setback for the residents and taxpayers of Fort Bend County."

The Taxpayers Coalition was formed in 2023 and is self-described as “an organization dedicated to advancing both transparency in government and active participation of the taxpayer.” Members include co-chairs Neeta Sane and Pat Malone, Vice-Chair David Savage, Secretary Robert Beham and Treasurer Shawn Miller.

“We considered these bond proposals inadequately prepared, poorly communicated, and extravagant; something that can only be remedied with the development of a much-improved bond process,” said representatives of the coalition in a statement. “Local government-funded infrastructure is fundamental to improving the social and economic well-being of the county but it must be designed and implemented in a way that provides the best value for the taxpaying public. The Taxpayers Coalition will continue its mission to educate taxpayers on the fiscal policies and practices of local government to equip all of us with the tools we need to ensure sound financial stewardship.”


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