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Fort Bend County Republican Party Launches New Website

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

(FORT BEND COUNTY) – The Fort Bend County Republican Party has launched a new website aimed at helping voters become involved and providing easily accessible information on voter registration, volunteering and local candidates.

“It is very helpful,” said Bobby Eberle, the new chairman of the Fort Bend County Republican Party. Eberle was elected as chairman in March and took office on June 13. He is a political strategist, owner of and an aerospace engineer, formerly working at NASA. “The website has all the information on the candidates, step-by-step instructions on how to run for precinct chair and how to be a poll watcher, because election integrity is so important right now. I think people will really like the new website.”

The website also includes tools to find your precinct, information on how to register to vote and explains how to become an election worker. A calendar of events is also available, along with profiles of local and state candidates for the upcoming election in November.

Eberle says he has seen an increase in Fort Bend County residents who want to get involved in local elections.

“People are excited,” he said. “We are making sure new volunteers are followed up with and embraced and brought into the party so we can make them a part of the team.”

He also says one goal of the new website is to be inclusive of all cultures in Fort Bend County, and plans are in place to create videos in multiple language to make election information more accessible to all.

“Fort Bend County is so diverse,” said Eberle. “It is so diverse, yet those diverse communities share common conservative values. Fort Bend is the most diverse county in the entire state, and we have a team in place that represents the entire county.”


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