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Fort Bend County Law Enforcement Implementing ‘No Refusal’ Weekend for the Thanksgiving Holiday

(FORT BEND COUNTY) - Once again, the Fort Bend County District Attorney’s Office and local law enforcement are implementing a “No Refusal” weekend for the Thanksgiving holiday to increase patrols looking for drivers who are impaired by alcohol or other substances.

Spanning Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, law enforcement will focus on high-risk locations overnight when alcohol-related crashes are most frequent.

Attorneys from the Fort Bend County District Attorney’s Office will be present to draft search warrants allowing local judges to authorize a blood draw from drivers who have demonstrated evidence of their intoxication. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has upheld blood search warrants as a legal means to obtain evidence in DWI cases from suspects who are arrested but refuse to take a breath or blood test. Nurses will also be on hand to draw blood once a warrant is obtained.

“Thanksgiving is a time to pause and appreciate what matters the most,” said District Attorney Brian Middleton. “With families coming together and increased traffic on the roads, please drink responsibly and drive safely this holiday weekend.”

The District Attorney’s No Refusal initiative is funded by a grant from the Texas Department of Transportation.


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