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Crisis Call Diversion Program Now Operational at Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office

(FORT BEND COUNTY) - The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office has announced that a new pilot project is now operational: the Crisis Call Diversion Program.

FBCSO has partnered with the local mental health authority, Texana, to establish the CCD, which embeds mental health professionals in 911 call center to assist in answering low-risk mental health calls that do not require a law enforcement response.

A crisis call may be diverted to professional counseling or referred to a service provider. Where an emergency exists, crisis calls are dispatched to first responders.

FBCSO received a grant award for this project in the amount of $349,616 under the FY 2022 COPS Implementing Crisis Intervention Teams, funded through the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Community Oriented Policing Services.

Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office has partnered with Texana since 2015 with the implementation of the Crisis Intervention Team, followed by the Co-Responder Program where Texana behavioral health professionals ride with a member of the Crisis Intervention Team. The addition of the CCD augments these programs and provides additional support to community members who live with mental illness through more appropriate and proactive response that reduces the need for a law enforcement intervention.

The grant funds two positions for personnel provided by Texana. Each employee goes through training with Texana as well as additional training provided by law enforcement. This training covers de-escalation and overall response to a person in crisis. In addition to the required Law Enforcement training, Texana Care Coordinators bring more than twenty years of experience that includes training in Applied Suicide Intervention, Crisis Intervention, Coping Skills training and much more.

"The CCD exemplifies our commitment to community well-being, demonstrating that through collaboration and innovation, we can provide enhanced and compassionate support to those navigating mental health crises," said Sheriff Eric Fagan. "Together, we forge a path towards a safer, more resilient Fort Bend County."


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