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City of Rosenberg Rental Registration Due by March 31

(ROSENBERG) – Rental properties within the City of Rosenberg, such as homes, duplexes and apartments located within the city limits, are now required to be registered. Existing rental properties must be registered, and the license fee paid, by March 31, 2024. Registrations received after the deadline will result in additional fees.

Rosenberg City Council recently passed Ordinance No. 2023-41 which requires all residential rental properties in the city be registered. The goal of the Residential Rental Registration Program is to ensure that rental properties within the city are in compliance with all codes relating to health, sanitation, and property maintenance standards, in an effort to maintain neighborhood integrity. 

Register rental properties and pay fees here:  Energov CSS (Citizen Self Service)

All rental registrations must be renewed every two years. Failure to register a property could result in tenants being unable to activate water service. 

Registrations after the deadline will result in a penalty fee of 1.5 times the annual renewal fee.

Fees will also be assessed for failure to renew the permit within ninety days of license expiration.

  • Rental Application Fee – Single-Family Homes | $50.00 

  • Rental Application Fee – Multi-Family Complex | $10.00 per unit or $50.00 minimum 

Permit applications should be submitted through the City's Energov CSS (Citizen Self Service)

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