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City of Katy Rescinds Mandatory Water Restrictions

(KATY) – The City of Katy has rescinded mandatory water restrictions after much-needed rain in the area. The Stage 3 Drought Contingency Plan was put in place in early August after an “unprecedented level of water demand.”

“As a result of implementing the mandatory water restrictions, and as a result of the increase in rainfall over the past two weeks, water use in the city has significantly decreased since early August,” officials said. “The city has seen over a 50 percent reduction in water usage, compared to the days immediately preceding entering Stage 3. The level of groundwater submergence of the water wells has begun to rebound as water usage has reduced. With the continued rainfall pattern predicted to remain in place over the next one‐week period, we expect that trend to continue into next week.”

Officials are still asking residents to “stay vigilant and continue to practice water conservation.”


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