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City of Katy Reminding Residents to Protect Their Pipes Ahead of Hard Freeze

(KATY) – The City of Katy is reminding residents to protect their pipes ahead of a hard freeze expected to begin tomorrow, Dec. 22.

Residents should make sure all exterior pipes are properly wrapped by using pipe sleeves, jackets or other insulation options. If these materials are unavailable, plastic bags and towels can also be used. Don’t forget to winterize your irrigation system and wrap your backflow preventers and vacuum breakers. Click here for information about protecting your backflow preventer.

“The City of Katy appreciates your support by taking this time to locate your personal shut off valve,” said city officials. “A personal shut off valve will turn off the main water of the home without the need to shut water off at the meter box. Personal shut off valves are generally located in the garage or exterior of your home.”

If you experience an emergency and need your water shut off, call Public Works at 281-391-4820. Water Department staff will be on call.

For any other questions or concerns, call Public Works at 281-391-4820 or email at


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