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Burn Ban Issued in Fort Bend County

(FORT BEND COUNTY) - Fort Bend County Commissioner’s Court approved an outdoor burn ban for unincorporated areas of the county during a regular scheduled session of court, Tuesday, Aug. 8.

As the extreme heat continues and drought conditions progress, the risk for fire dangers increases. The Fort Bend County Fire Marshal’s Office has been monitoring the Keetch-Bryam Drought Index which is used in determining forest fire potential. The drought index is based on a daily water balance, where a drought factor is balanced with precipitation and soil moisture. The drought index ranges from 0 to 800, where a drought index of 0 represents no moisture depletion, and an index of 800 represents absolutely dry conditions. As of today, August 8, 2023, Fort Bend County’s index was 651.

After presentation of index values and the continued forecast of extreme heat with no rain, Commissioner’s Court came to a consensus that circumstances present in the county can potentially create a public safety hazard. The Declaration and Order Prohibiting Outdoor Burning in Fort Bend County states that no person burn or order another to burn any material outside of an enclosure designed to contain and capable of containing all flames, sparks, embers, cinders and ash produced by burning. Therefore, limits the use of open flames which includes burning trash, campfires, using burn barrels and any other open flame devices.


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