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Around The Clock at Fire Station 3 Unveiled in Sugar Land: A Dedication to First Responders

(SUGAR LAND) - The City of Sugar Land recently unveiled "Around The Clock," a new sculpture that pays tribute to the dedication and service of first responders. The sculpture was created by artist Peter Requiam.

“At the heart of every community, there stands a beacon of protection and support – our local fire station,” said artist Peter Requiam. “With 'Around The Clock,' we aim to capture the essence of this connection, showcasing the integral role Fire Station 3 plays in the lives of the residents it serves.”

The centerpiece of the sculpture is a commanding figure, prominently displaying a bold, red number three against a backdrop of gold. This central figure represents Fire Station 3 and serves as a reminder of its pivotal position within the community.

Surrounding this centerpiece are 12 stylized houses, arranged in a clock face pattern that symbolizes the continuous readiness of SLFD-EMS – an unwavering presence, 24 hours a day.

Reflecting the iconic colors of SLFD-EMS – red, white, black and gold – the sculpture's palette pays homage to the service and sacrifice of the city's first responders. The doors of the houses incorporate an additional color palette, inspired by the team colors of Sugar Land's Triple-A baseball team and the spirit of the Space Cowboys.

Sugar Land Cultural Arts Manager Sha Davis expressed her excitement about the project, stating, “Collaborating with Peter Requiam on this sculpture has been an incredible journey. 'Around The Clock' is a testament to the strength of our community's bond with our first responders. It reinforces our commitment to making Sugar Land a vibrant arts destination by embracing artistic visions that showcase our city's true essence.”

The unveiling of “Around The Clock” will take place at Fire Station 3 on Sept. 27 at 4 p.m. during a ceremony that celebrates the unity between first responders and the community they serve. The event marks another milestone in Sugar Land's journey toward becoming a hub for creativity and culture.

Peter Requiam is an artist known for his captivating sculptures that blend artistic vision with a profound connection to community narratives. His works have been featured in numerous public spaces and cultural institutions, making a lasting impact through their visual and conceptual depth.


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