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All Stages of Drought Contingency Plan Rescinded in Katy

(KATY) – The City of Katy has rescinded all stages of the Drought Contingency Plan as of 2:30 p.m. Oct. 4.

“After meeting the ARKK Engineers and city officials, and upon the recommendation from our city engineer, David W. Kasper, P.E., Mayor William “Dusty” Thiele determined all criteria have been met to deactivate the Drought Contingency Plan at this time and revert to normal non-drought water use conditions,” said city officials.

Officials say the recent rainfall, milder temperatures and the reduction in water usage all contributed to the removal of restrictions. Officials urge residents to understand that the wells are still rebounding from the long, severe drought that has impacted the entire state.

“We are asking all our citizens, businesses and HOA’s to continue to use their best efforts to conserve water so we do not have to re-activate the Drought Contingency Plan,“ said city officials. “Katy is grateful for the Katy community’s continued support concerning water conservation.”

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