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AI Technology to be Installed at all Sugar Land Intersections

(SUGAR LAND) - Sugar Land City Council has approved a $2.7 million contract to install a next generation artificial intelligence detection system at every city intersection. 

Installation is expected to begin in the near future and continue for about nine months.

The AI detection system will fuse radar, video and vision AI technologies to distinguish between different classes of vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles. The system uses computer vision to identify and track each individual object as it enters the frame of view of each sensor – allowing real-time reconfigurations of signal timing to ensure optimal flow of traffic and more quickly deploying police and fire to accidents. 

The data will also be a resource to make informed decisions on traffic enforcement and future reconstruction projects. 

Sugar Land residents continue to identify mobility a top priority in Citizen Satisfaction Surveys. The project is intended to “improve traffic and is a continuation of trailblazing technology that builds on current mobility infrastructure like Sugar Land’s state-of-the-art Traffic Management Center,” asid city officials.

“The city is continuously testing systems that not only fill a specific need but also extend our capabilities to drive innovation,” said City Traffic Engineer James Turner. “With the fast-growing use of artificial intelligence, the traffic industry is seeing devices and systems that can perform tasks that were considered unfeasible before. These systems will bring a greater level of situational awareness, insights, and safety to our city’s roadways while keeping service levels as a primary focus.”

“We spent a considerable amount of time testing new technology, and the solution we’re purchasing from NoTraffic provides tremendous value and future growth,” said Turner. “It directly meets the needs of our community and will contribute to improving the quality of life for the residents we serve.”


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