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Voters Reject LCISD’s $15 Million Bond for Traylor Stadium

(LAMAR CISD) – Unofficial results of the Nov. 7 election show that voters have rejected Lamar Consolidated School District’s $15 million bond proposition intended for repairs at Traylor Stadium, with 55 percent of voters casting their ballot against the bond.

The single bond proposition would have covered renovations and improvements to Guy K. Traylor Stadium, including the bleachers, foundation repairs, replacement of the turf, and the installation of LED lighting. Repairs would also have been made to the roof and locker rooms.

“We were truly hoping for a different outcome. Last year, we made plans to adjust this year’s budget to fund the cost of the turf replacement, but the repairs needed at Traylor Stadium are significant, and this is going to be a challenge,” Lamar CISD Superintendent Dr. Roosevelt Nivens said.

Although the bond did not pass, repairs are still needed as things wear out in time.

Earlier this year, the Lamar CISD Athletic Department adopted budget cuts to replace the turf in response to athletic propositions D and E not passing during the 2022 Bond. Additionally, several changes were made at the beginning of the school year that have impacted student and fan access, including game schedules and program availability.


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