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Six Katy ISD High Schools Receive Advanced Placement Exam Awards

(KATY ISD) – The Advanced Placement College Board has acknowledged the academic excellence of six Katy ISD high schools, commending their performance from the May 2023 AP Exams. The schools that earned this recognition are Cinco Ranch, Jordan, Katy, Seven Lakes, Taylor, and Tompkins High School.

These six Katy ISD high schools succeeded in meeting each of the following criteria that was established by the AP College Board. According to the AP College Board website, these criteria are anchored in research-based relationships between AP and college outcomes:

  • College Culture: 40 percent or more of the graduating cohort took at least one AP Exam during high school.

  • College Credit: 25 percent of more of the graduating cohort scored a “3” or higher on at least one AP Exam during high school.

  • College Optimization: 2 percent or more of the graduating cohort took five or more AP Exams during high school. At least one of those exams was taken in 9th or 10th grade, so that students are spreading their AP experience across grades rather than feeling disproportionate pressure in any single year.

Also noted by the College Board, schools on the AP School Honor Roll may also earn the AP Access Award. Schools earn the additional award if the percentage of AP Exam takers who are underrepresented minority and/or low-income students mirrors the school’s overall student demographics.

These six Katy ISD High Schools earned the following distinction(s):

  • Cinco Ranch High School - Silver

  • Jordan High School - Gold

  • Katy High School – Bronze

  • Seven Lakes High School – Silver and AP Access Award

  • Taylor High School – Bronze

  • Tompkins High School – Silver and AP Access Award

“We take immense pride in the remarkable accomplishments of our Katy ISD high schools on the AP Exams,” said Dr. Christine Caskey, Chief Academic Officer at Katy ISD. “This achievement is the result of the hard work of each student and staff member. Their accomplishments reflect the district’s unwavering commitment to academic excellence and exemplify our dedication to inspire excellence and transform learners into leaders.”


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