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Rosenberg Police Catch Alleged Serial Drug Store Thief

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

(ROSENBERG) -An alleged serial drugstore thief has been arrested by Rosenberg police, who say he could be responsible for more than $60,000 of property loss at Fort Bend County drug stores. Sugar Land resident Christopher Keys, 36, has been charged with two counts of theft and is in the Fort Bend County Jail with a $1,000 bond.

Officers recovered nearly $700.00 worth of stolen property from the thefts.

Rosenberg police responded to a theft at a Walgreens the morning on July 29. By the time police arrived, the suspect was gone. As officers investigated the scene, they learned the suspect was the same suspect from a theft reported at the same location on day prior. Believing the thief was still in the area, officers began checking other area drug stores.

A Rosenberg Police Officer located the suspect’s vehicle parked at a nearby CVS


Seeing the vehicle was not occupied, the officer waited for the suspect who was inside. As the suspect exited the store, the officer met him at his vehicle. The officer’s investigation revealed the suspect, Keys, had allegedly just committed another theft at the CVS.

The stolen property from Walgreens was also located inside Key’s vehicle. In total, officers recovered nearly $700.00 worth of stolen property from the thefts that morning. Keys was placed into custody for two counts of misdemeanor theft. Rosenberg Police later received information that Keys was also a suspect in numerous thefts from various drug stores in Fort Bend County. Those thefts have amounted in an estimated $60,000 - $70,000 in property loss to Fort Bend County stores. Those area law enforcement agencies are continuing their investigations.

Christopher Keys


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