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Rosenberg Police Arrest Two Robbery Suspects

(ROSENBERG) – Rosenberg Police have arrested two suspects after a robbery in progress was reported around 6 p.m. Nov. 29 in the 5700 block of Reading Road near FM 2218.

Officers arrives within minutes of being dispatched and gave chase on foot to two suspects. One suspect was immediately apprehended. The second suspect was later located in the area by additional officers. Both were taken into custody.

The Rosenberg PD Criminal Investigation Division is continuing the investigation, however due to the age of the suspects, their identities are not being released.

“Being as this incident occurred near a residential area, we want to remind everyone to always make sure your doors are locked and garage access is closed when not in use,” said officials with the Rosenberg Police Department. “Criminals look for opportunities. Open access to your residence or garage not only increases chances of theft, but can also increase the chance someone may seek shelter from police using your property. Always be aware.”


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