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Rosenberg Amber Alert Ends in Murder/Suicide

(ROSENBERG) – A one-year-old girl has died after being kidnapped by her father in Rosenberg on Tuesday night, Nov. 1.

Around 6 p.m., 24-year-old Alexander Barrios Ordonez went to Riverside Towing/Auto Collision at 845 FM 723 in Rosenberg, stabbed the owner of the business and stole a tow truck. Police say Ordonez was a former employee of the towing company.

Police say he then drove to an apartment complex in the 810 block of Brooks Avenue where his daughter was staying with a babysitter. He forced his way into the babysitter’s apartment and took his one-year-old daughter, Leylani Ordonez. The babysitter was unharmed.

Around 1:45 a.m. Sugar Land Police spotted his vehicle and attempted to pull him over. He refused and a pursuit was initiated that lasted more than 45 minutes and ended up back in Rosenberg. At that time, Sugar Land, DPS and Fort Bend County sheriff’s deputies were involved in the pursuit, and spike strips were put in the road in the 4700 Block of FM 762 near Benton Road.

Barrios Ordonez stopped and exited the vehicle holding his daughter, who was covered in blood. He then stabbed himself. Leylani Ordonez was Life-Flighted to a local hospital where she died from multiple stab wounds. Barrios Ordonez was taken to a local hospital where is also died.

The owner of the towing company is expected to survive.

“It is astonishing how many lives can be devastated by the actions of one individual,” said Rosenberg Police Chief Jonathan White. “We are deeply saddened by the tragic events that transpired, our thoughts are with Leylani Ordonez’ family and we wish those affected at Riverside Towing a speedy recovery. I would like to thank FBCSO, SLPD, and DPS for their assistance with this tragedy. I’m saddened by the details of this case and ask that you keep the family and first responders that witnessed this event in your prayers.”


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