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One Arrested After Attempted ATM Theft in Fulshear

(FULSHEAR) - One of three suspects involved in an attempted theft of an ATM in Fulshear early this morning, Oct. 20, has been arrested.

Photo courtesy of the Fulshear Police Department.

At around 3:45 am this morning, the theft attempt occurred at the Chase Bank located at 5210 FM 1463. The alarm was triggered when three individuals, clad in hoodies and masks, attempted to steal an ATM by backing a stolen truck up to it using chains. Fortunately, their efforts were thwarted, and they fled the scene after damaging the ATM and their getaway vehicle.

Fulshear officers along with assisting agencies, swiftly responded to the incident. A drone was deployed to aid in the search for the suspects. In the course of the search, one suspect was apprehended in the Cross Creek Ranch neighborhood, south of the bank.

Police officers remained in the area for several more hours, combing for additional evidence, including any discarded dark clothing the suspects may have left behind.

Anyone who notices anything unusual or comes across abandoned clothing, should contact the police department immediately at 281-346-2202.


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