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Katy ISD Virtual School Registration Opens Feb. 1

(KATY ISD) – On Thursday, Feb. 1, Katy ISD Virtual School will begin registration for the Summer 2024, Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 semesters. 

KVS online classes are available for incoming ninth grade and current high school students enrolled in Katy ISD and are a way for secondary students to acquire graduation credits.

These paid, online supplemental high school credit courses are offered both during the summer and throughout the academic year. With an annual enrollment that exceeds 4,000 high school students, the KVS program is designed to “afford families the flexibility they need, all delivered at a comfortable and accessible pace,” said district officials.

"This innovative approach not only aligns with graduation plans but also ensures the delivery of quality instruction to Katy ISD learners beyond traditional school hours,” said Susan Richards, the Instructional Technology e-Learning Manager at Katy ISD. “KVS courses empower students to gain credits proactively while providing access to courses that may not be available at their home campus."

All KVS educators are certified Katy ISD teachers, holding valid Texas Educator certification for their respective courses. Each KVS teacher has successfully completed a Virtual Instructor Certification Program through either Texas A&M or the Katy ISD Online Instructor Certification. Teachers responsible for Advanced Placement courses and Gifted and Talented students undergo specialized approval processes.

KVS provides a comprehensive range of courses, including Creative Writing, AP Art History, English III, World Geography, Economics and Psychology. Offering over 60 Advanced Placement, Katy Advanced Program and academic-level courses, KVS consistently expands its offerings to provide students with a broad spectrum of educational opportunities. The semester cost is $200, with reduced or waived fees for students identified as economically disadvantaged.

Additionally, KVS courses are NCAA approved, ensuring student eligibility.

For additional information, students are encouraged to reach out to their campus counselors, contact KVS via email at, or visit the Katy ISD Virtual School website. 


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