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Katy ISD to Hold Public Forum for Naming of Junior High #18

(KATY ISD) – During the Katy Independent School District December Work Study Board meeting, the district’s Naming Advisory Committee for Junior High #18 recommended Trustees consider Nelson Junior High School as the name for the campus. The Nelson family has a long history in the Katy community, spanning five generations.

The Nelson family.

A Public Forum to provide input regarding the proposed name will be held on Wednesday, December 6 at the Katy ISD Education Support Complex. Public comment for Junior High #18 will begin at 5 p.m. Individuals who wish to speak during the Public Forum may sign up in person at 4:30 p.m. No signups will be allowed once the forum begins.

The Nelson family’s legacy is deeply entwined with the history of Katy, as evidenced by the two patriarchs, Clyde and George Nelson, and their descendants.

In 1938, Clyde Nelson and his wife Leatha moved to Katy with their three children, Wesley, Wanda, and David. In 1942, they purchased the land that Junior High #18 sits on today from Mrs. Mary Wilkenson, a former Katy ISD schoolteacher. The Nelson family engaged in rice and cattle farming and actively participated in community and school activities. Wesley and David were involved in Katy FFA, while Wanda contributed to the school's band.

All three children, Katy High School graduates, made significant contributions to their community. Wesley served in the Air Force before joining the family's rice farming operation, and David joined the business later. The Nelson children, who graduated from and married fellow Katy High School alumni, strengthened their ties to the community by making their homes near the family farms.

In the early 1930s, George and Alice Nelson settled in Katy, establishing a prosperous farming and ranching enterprise. George's commitment to education was demonstrated through his Katy ISD school board service in 1939 and reflected in the family's dedication to the local school system. Actively involved in the Katy FFA, George volunteered his time and efforts. The couple's three children, Sonny, Delores, and Johnny, not only contributed significantly to the Katy community but also carried on the family's farming legacy. As their families expanded, their ties to Katy ISD deepened through generations attending and graduating from the district. The Nelson family's enduring impact on the community and its schools continues to resonate today.

Junior High #18 will be located at 25747 Longenbaugh Road. This junior high will provide enrollment relief to neighboring campuses in the northwest quadrant of the district that are experiencing fast growth.


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