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Katy ISD Recognizes 2022-2023 “Of the Year” Employees

(KATY ISD) - Each year, Katy ISD has the honor of recognizing outstanding employees for their contributions and impact on the district at the annual “Of the Year” Awards Ceremony. This year, Katy ISD recognized 29 employees who “exemplify what it means to be a staff member in Katy ISD”. During the event, guests enjoyed performances from the Cinco Ranch Show Choir.

“Katy ISD’s employees of the year are a great example of staff members who have gone above and beyond. While many of them have achieved significant accomplishments, it’s their effort and their ‘can-do’ attitude that is the real recognition,” said Dr. Ken Gregorski, Superintendent of Schools at Katy ISD. “I am honored to work alongside these individuals who have committed to make Katy ISD one of the best school districts in the region.”

This year’s honorees include:

Districtwide Principals of the Year:

Anna Hinojosa – Wolfe Elementary School

Elisabeth Brodt – Adams Junior High School

Districtwide Assistant Principals of the Year:

Krista Gillaspia – Hayes Elementary

Jeffrey Carrus – Opportunity Awareness Center

Districtwide Teachers of the Year:

Shelby Biswas – Stanley Elementary School

Matthew Lobin – Mayde Creek High School

Districtwide Rookie Teachers of the Year:

Simbry Wedemeyer – Hayes Elementary School

Anjelica Werning – Taylor High School

Districtwide Counselors of the Year:

Rebecca Luna – Campbell Elementary

Pam Ruderman – West Memorial Junior High

Robin G. Rolon – Cinco Ranch High School

Districtwide Library Media Specialists of the Year:

Alice Cardner – Pattison Elementary

Allison Dominguez – Raines Academy

Districtwide Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (LSSP) of the Year:

Jennifer Campbell – Paetow High School

Districtwide Maintenance & Operations Employees of the Year:

Diego Sanchez-Dejarmy – Maintenance & Operations

Districtwide Nutrition & Food Services Employee of the Year:

Sylvia Hooker – Education Support Complex

Districtwide Transportation Employee of the Year:

Gina Low – East Transportation

Districtwide Nurse of the Year:

Carrie Carroll – Beckendorff Junior High

Districtwide Instructional Paraprofessionals of the Year:

Josefina Wells – Nottingham Country Elementary

Rowena P. Yap – Miller Career & Technology

Districtwide Administrative Paraprofessionals of the Year:

Brenda Gideon – Financial Services

Loverne Henry – McElwain Elementary

Cindi Adams – Taylor High School

Districtwide Campus Student Support Paraprofessionals of the Year:

Angelina Kelley – West Memorial Elementary

Districtwide Law Enforcement Employees of the Year:

Officer of the Year – Jazmine Garcia

Support Service Employee of the Year:

Brigitte Stumm – Paetow High School

Districtwide Substitute of the Year:

Lori Barnett – Memorial Parkway Junior High

Districtwide Instructional Coaches of the Year:

Pennylane Lara – Pattison Elementary

Jessica Byles – West Memorial Junior High


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