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Katy ISD Honors its 2022 Teachers of the Year Through Brick Unveiling Ceremony

(KATY ISD) - Before ending the 2022 year and heading off to Winter Break, Katy ISD celebrated its annual tradition of recognizing Campus Teachers of the Year. The district, along with local event sponsors, hosted a brick unveiling ceremony where hundreds gathered to recognize the accomplishments of these educators. The names of 73 teachers are now etched into bricks that pave the site at Katy Heritage Park.

“These honorees are exemplary instructional leaders who reflect educational innovation, outstanding contributions to student learning and a commitment to their schools and community,” said Ken Gregorski, superintendent of schools at Katy ISD. “Our teachers give countless hours of their time and energy to ensure every single Katy ISD student has the opportunity to create the future.”

The brick unveiling event honors not only Katy ISD Campus Teachers of the Year, but the Katy community as well. The bricks at Katy Heritage Park serve as a permanent tribute to the decades of learning experiences provided across more than 73 Katy ISD campuses.

Venus Construction, Modern Pest Control and the Katy Heritage Society sponsored the occasion and provided the space for the bricklaying. The Seven Lakes High School Sensations Choir also performed at the ceremony.


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