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Katy ISD FFA Livestock Show Kicks Off Feb. 13

(KATY ISD) – The Katy Independent School District FFA Livestock Show has been a cornerstone for students to showcase their talents in the field of agriculture. This year marks the 81st edition of this event, and the district is again collaborating with the Katy Rodeo Committee. The festivities are set to begin on Tuesday, Feb. 13, and the event will conclude on Saturday, Feb. 17.

The public can support Katy ISD FFA students through auction and barn sale purchases, along with add-on donations via in-person or online. 

The 81st Annual Katy ISD FFA Livestock Show & Katy Rodeo will take place at the Katy ISD Agricultural Sciences Center, 58.01 Katy Hockley Cut-Off Road.

The schedule is as follows:


Tuesday, Feb. 13

  •             9 a.m.            Best Buddies Grand Drive

  •             10 a.m.           Special Rodeo

  •             1 p.m.            Art Show

  •             3:30 p.m.         All Lamb, Goat, and Swine must be in place

  •             4 p.m.            Steer Weigh-In at Barn #5

  •             4 p.m.            Swine Weigh-In at LD Robinson Pavilion

  •             6 p.m.            Broiler Show

  •             8 p.m.            Barn Closing            


 Wednesday, Feb. 14

  •             8 a.m.            Online Barn Sale Opens for Broilers

  •             9 a.m.            Floral Show

  •             10 a.m.           Horticulture Show

  •             2 p.m.            Rabbit Show

  •             4 p.m.            Goats and Lambs Weigh-In at LD Robinson Pavilion

  •             8 p.m.            Barn Closing


 Thursday, Feb. 15

  •             8 a.m.            Swine Show

  •             8 a.m.            Online Barn Sale Opens for Floral, Horticulture, and Rabbits

  •             1 p.m.            Steer Show*

  •             2 p.m.            Ag Mech Show

  •             4 p.m.            Online Barn Sale Opens for Swine

  •             5 p.m.            Art Show Awards

  •             7 p.m.            Rodeo Performance

  •             8 p.m.            Barn Closing

Friday, Feb. 16

  •       8 a.m.            Online Barn Sale Opens for Steers

  •       8 a.m.            Goat Show

  •       10 a.m.           Lamb Show* (Online Barn Sale for Goats and Lambs will open approximately one hour after each show respectively)

  •       1 p.m.            Auction Sale Meeting* 

  •       7 p.m.             Rodeo Performance

  •       8 p.m.            Barn Closing

   Saturday, Feb. 17

  •       8 a.m.            Online Barn Sale Opens for All

  •       9:30 a.m.         Katy Rodeo Parade

  •       11 a.m.           Buyers’ Luncheon Invitation Only

  •       1 p.m.            Auction (Barn Sale closes one hour after the conclusion of the auction)

  •       7 p.m.            Rodeo Performance


*The show/auction meeting will start no earlier than the scheduled time, however if the previous show runs long, the next show/meeting will be set to begin 15 minutes after the conclusion of the previous show/event.


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