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Katy ISD Bond Committee Reviews Potential Project Costs at Second Meeting

(KATY ISD) -The development of a Katy ISD bond package is under way as more than 140 community members gathered to review proposed school renovation projects, new campus needs, and technology and safety improvements across the district.

Driving much of the discussion around the need for new schools is the fast growth in the northwest quadrant of the district. Data from Population and Survey Analysts, Katy ISD’s longtime demographers, shows the district remaining on pace to enroll over 100,000 students by 2027.

“Based on PASA’s assessments, four new schools are recommended for a 2023 bond in order to provide future enrollment relief to campuses in the northwest quadrant,” said Lisa Kassman, Executive Director of Facilities, Planning and Construction Department. “The new facilities would include three new elementary schools and one new junior high school.”

The committee also examined campus renovations needs, alongside aging building components that include mechanical and electrical systems, plumbing, lighting, flooring, and chillers across the district.

Technology was also a significant discussion point among the group. A recommendation for a “one to one” device to student standard for grades three through 12 was presented for consideration. Several school principals spoke to the importance of standardizing access to academic content and security as the primary driver behind the recommendation.

Safety and security discussions focused on fencing improvements, campus sliding doors at entry vestibules, access control systems, intruder alarms, and security camera upgrades.

The committee closed the meeting by assessing the district’s financial capacity — highlighting their desire for any potential bond package to reflect a zero tax rate increase, should they choose to recommend such a measure at the conclusion of their process.

More than 55 proposed projects and associated costs were assessed by committee members at their latest meeting. Next week, the committee is expected to begin honing in on specific projects they may wish to consider for a 2023 bond package.

The next CBAC meeting will take place on Wednesday, April 12.


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