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Katy ISD Agricultural Science Teachers Inducted into Texas Hall of Fame

(KATY ISD) - Four Katy ISD agricultural science teachers were recently inducted into the Texas Ag Teacher Hall of Fame. The names of the following honorees are now etched into the Class of 2022 Ag Teacher Hall of Fame:

  • John Ford Cinco Ranch FFA 2004-2020

  • Dean Fuchs Cinco Ranch FFA 2002-2019

  • Michael Schroeder Taylor FFA 1979-2004

  • Barbie Schmidt Taylor FFA 2006-2016

“The exemplary example of these agricultural science teachers has created a legacy that is admired by FFA students and staff today,” said David Laird, FFA events coordinator. “In Katy ISD, we are blessed with amazing teachers who have a passion for teaching the importance of agriculture in our lives. It is a huge honor to see Katy ISD educators recognized at the state level.”

Ford was recognized with the award posthumously and his family was present during the honorary recognition. Honorees now join Gerald Young and Gary Vos, who were inducted into the inaugural Hall of Fame Class of 2021.

Dean Fuchs

Barbie Schmidt

Family of John Ford

Michael Schroeder


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