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Jury Sentences Sugar Land Man to 65 Years in Prison for Sexually Abusing Elementary Aged Child

(RICHMOND) - A Fort Bend County jury has found Carlos Alexander Castillo Crespo guilty of the offense of continuous sexual abuse of a young child. The 27-year-old Sugar Land man was convicted in under 20 minutes for repeatedly abusing a child from 2019-2021.

Evidence presented by Assistant District Attorneys Jessica Ramos and Dulce Salazar revealed that Castillo Crespo admitted to law enforcement that he sexually abused a young girl for two years beginning when the child was nine years old and Crespo was twenty-three. Crespo told police he was in love with the young girl.

Carlos Alexander Castillo Crespo

Crespo elected to be sentenced by the jury, and on Nov. 21, the jury sentenced Crespo to 65 years in prison without the possibility of parole.

“The trauma this man caused this child at such a young age is immeasurable,” said prosecutor Ramos. “I asked the jury to sentence the defendant harshly so he could never inflict this type of harm on any other child again. Their steep verdict does just that. He will not be eligible for release from prison until he is 92 years old.”

“The defendant wanted the jury to believe he had a romantic relationship with this child and show him mercy,” said Salazar. “We are thankful they recognized that this was sexual abuse and focused instead on getting the victim the justice she deserved.”

“While we cannot undue the harm that the defendant caused, we can ensure that the defendant never harms another child,” said District Attorney Brian Middleton. The jury’s punishment was just and our children are safer as a result.”


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