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Fulshear Police Warning of Surge of Vehicle Thefts in Fort Bend County

(FORT BEND COUNTY) – According to Fulshear police, between Nov. 8 and Nov. 14 there has been a surge in vehicle theft incidents in both Fulshear and throughout Fort Bend County, particularly targeting GMC Sierra pickup trucks. While three cases were reported within Fulshear, additional thefts occurred across the county during this period. The individuals responsible for these thefts appear organized, police said, and their specific approach remains unclear.

“It is strongly advised that all residents remain alert and take proactive steps to safeguard their vehicles,” officials with the police department said. “Ensuring the security of your vehicles is critical. Always remember to lock your vehicles when not in use. Unfortunately, the advancement of vehicle security technology has been accompanied by increasingly sophisticated theft methods employed by criminals. It might be beneficial to revisit traditional vehicle protection methods to counter these advanced theft attempts. Consider implementing additional security measures such as using steering wheel locks like "The Club," which continues to be an effective deterrent against vehicle theft.”

Community awareness and swift action are pivotal in preventing crimes, said police. They are asking that Fort Bend County residents promptly report any suspicious activities to local law enforcement authorities.

“Let us collaborate to protect our community and ensure the safety of our vehicles,” said Fulshear police officials. “Your continuous support is deeply appreciated—we value your commitment, and together, we can help keep our community secure.”


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